Sponge sheets

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Introducing our Flexible Polyurethane Foam Sheets, the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. These high-quality foam sheets offer superior flexibility, making them perfect for cushioning, padding, and insulation needs. Whether you're working on upholstery projects, creating custom packaging, or designing comfortable seating, our foam sheets provide excellent support and comfort. The open-cell structure ensures optimal airflow and breathability, enhancing overall comfort. With their durable construction, these foam sheets are built to withstand everyday wear and tear. Available in various thicknesses and sizes, our Flexible Polyurethane Foam Sheets are versatile and customizable to meet your specific requirements. Upgrade your projects with our reliable foam sheets today.

Customised die cut sponge sheets

Customized Die Cut Sponge Sheet, the ultimate solution for precision and versatility in your specific applications. This high quality sponge sheet is tailor-made to meet your unique requirements, offering exceptional flexibility and durability. Our advanced die cutting technology ensures precise and intricate cuts, allowing you to create custom shapes and sizes with ease. The sponge material provides cushioning, protection, and superb absorbency, making it ideal for industries such as automotive, electronics, packaging, and more. Whether you need foam gaskets, inserts, or padding, our Customized Die Cut Sponge Sheet delivers unparalleled performance and reliability. Experience the perfect fit for your projects with our customized solution today.

Shoulder pad

Sponge Shoulder Pads, the must-have accessory for enhancing your outfit's structure and style. These high-quality shoulder pads are designed to provide a flattering and balanced silhouette, giving your garments a professional and polished look. The soft and resilient sponge material offers comfortable support and helps maintain the shape of your clothing. Whether you want to add structure to blouses, dresses, jackets, or costumes, our shoulder pads are the perfect solution. Easy to attach and adjust, they offer a seamless and natural fit. Elevate your fashion game with our Sponge Shoulder Pads and enjoy an enhanced and confident appearance with every wear.

Hanger Guard Foam

Sponge Hanger Foams, the ultimate accessory to keep your garments organized and wrinkle-free. These high-quality foam hangers are designed with soft and durable sponge material, providing a gentle yet secure grip on your clothing. The non-slip surface prevents garments from sliding off, ensuring they stay in place. Our hanger foams are versatile and can be easily attached to standard hangers, instantly transforming them into garment friendly storage solutions. The lightweight and compact design make them ideal for home closets, travel, and retail displays. Upgrade your wardrobe organization with our Sponge Hanger Foams and enjoy a clutter-free and crease-free clothing experience.